Pastor Josh, Jena, Jacob, Joseph, & Juliana Jacquard


Pastor Josh's salvation testimony

I heard the Gospel for the very first time when I was nineteen years old. I had just started working at a paper mill in upstate New York. A co-worker shared the

life-changing truths of the Gospel with me, and invited me to visit his church. On that day, and for many days after, I rejected his invitation and all that he had to say. But this co-worker was persistent, he continued to share the Gospel and invite my family to visit his church. After two years of rejecting the Gospel, I found myself visiting that co-worker's church. My family and I heard a sermon that day that reiterated the truths my co-worker had been consistently sharing with me. I was convicted of sin and my need of a Savior. A few weeks later I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior.