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7 Fun & Free things to do in our area this summer

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

If you are looking for summer fun, but don't want to break the bank this countdown is for you.

#7 Complete an outdoor scavenger hunt

There are many options online that are completely free. Google outdoor scavenger hunt to find some fun options. Our neck of the woods just so happens to be the perfect place for this kind of scavenger hunt. Finding pine cones, leaves, and flowers has never been so fun.

#6 Take a swim or dunk your feet

What better way to cool off than to go swimming or dunk your feet. Whether it is the Hudson River, Lake Luzerne, the Sacandaga, or and body of water in between have some fun and enjoy God's creation.

#5 Visit Some parks

It seems like every town in our area has at least one pretty nice park. Make it a goal to visit them all this year. These are some of the park that we like:


Pagenstecher Park

Veterans Memorial Park


Hadley Park

Lake Luzerne

Pavilion Park


Town of Day Park and Boat Launch

Stony Creek

Stony Creek Town Park


Greenfield Town Park

#4 Fish with a goal in mind

Pick your favorite local fish and make it your goal to catch that fish this summer. Whether it is a walleye, bass, or bullhead this mission promises fun and great memories. For some, fishing will not be completely free. If you are over the age of 16 you are required to have a New York State fishing license. A license is $25.00 per year, with other shorter term options available. Anyone below the age of 16 can fish without a license. You can usually pick up a cheap pole at Walmart for under $30.00.

#3 Check out all 3 fire towers in our area

Back in the day fire towers were an important part of forest management. In the 80's and 90's New York State stopped using them for the purpose of fire detection and prevention. Today they serve as a great place to visit. Most fire towers are at the peak of a hike but some are fairly easy to access. They are usually surrounded by beautiful views so be sure to bring your phone or camera to snap some pics or a selfie. There are 3 fire towers in our immediate area:

Spruce Mountain Fire Tower

Moderate hike to get to this fire tower

Trail head is located at 52 Spruce Mountain Road in Porter Corners.

Hadley Mountain Fire Tower

Moderate hike to get to this fire tower

Trail head is located at 255 Tower Road in Hadley

Cornell Hill Fire Tower

Short walk from parking area

Parking lot is located at 95 Scout Road in Gansevoort

#2 Enjoy some fireworks

If you are like us, you were bummed to miss fireworks last year because of COVID. Corinth always has a great fireworks show and this year the fireworks will return on Saturday, July 3rd. The fireworks will be in the area of the Irving H. Densmore Memorial Bridge (end of East River Drive). Take your lawn chair and enjoy.

#1 Victory Sunday on July 11th

Come enjoy some Food, fun, and music at Victory Bible Baptist Church on Sunday, July 11th. Our morning worship service starts at 11:00 AM and Fun, food, and music starts at 12:45. Music will be presented by the Stipe Family. This event promises to be a great time. Victory Bible Baptist Church is located at 4532 NY-9N, Porter Corners. Heading south on NY-9N we are after Bob's Bait and before the intersection of NY-9N and North Greenfield/Spier Falls Road. Bring your lawn Chairs.

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