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  • May 17 2024 @ 6 PM

  • June 14 2024 @ 6 PM

  • July 19 2024 @ 6 PM

  • August 16 2024 @ 6 PM

  • September 20 2024 @ 6 PM

  • October 18 2024 @ 6 PM

  • November 15 2024 @ 6 PM



We're here to walk alongside teens as they navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood, providing support and guidance as they find their place in the world and deepen their relationship with the Lord. Our aim is to foster an environment where every teen feels valued, supported, and encouraged to grow spiritually.


Grow Together: We prioritize helping teens deepen their relationship with the Lord through prayer, exploring the Bible, and connecting with others who are on the same path.

Real Friendships: We're all about fostering genuine connections where teens can have fun and build supportive friendships.

Fun and Fellowship: We're all about creating unforgettable moments through engaging games, deep dives into Scripture, and exciting adventures. These experiences are designed to strengthen bonds of friendship and allow for moments of learning and spiritual growth among teens.

Serve with Heart: We're passionate about instilling a spirit of service in teens, encouraging them to roll up their sleeves and demonstrate God's love through tangible acts of kindness and compassion.

Biblical Wisdom for Life: We delve into the Bible in a practical and relevant manner, equipping teens with the wisdom and guidance they need to navigate life's challenges and make God-honoring choices.

With these principles guiding us, we're committed to helping teens navigate the exciting, sometimes bumpy road of growing up with faith, purpose, and a whole lot of heart.

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